I was bitten by the writing bug as a teenager in St. Louis. Truly, though, my love affair with words began well before then. (My mom swears I was saying “photosynthesis” at 2.) And it endures to this day – two decades, two Northwestern University journalism degrees, and a career change later.

I delight in finding just the right way to tell a story, and I’ve had the honor of writing many. From the visitors’ room at the Birmingham City Jail to the beachside location of a shark attack, there are few places my career hasn’t taken me. It’s even landed me back in school, where, as an English teacher, I get to plant the writing bug in my students. Now, I have the best of both worlds: teaching the language I love, while writing and editing professionally.

As a freelancer, I have written and edited website copy, business proposals, social media profiles and blog posts for teachers and entrepreneurs. I have also penned personal essays on topics ranging from house hunting to personal loss.
I live with my husband, three children and a doglike cat in Rochester, NY, where we try to soak up as much sunshine as we can. We love to travel -- in the summer, you’ll find us at a local lake. In the winter, on the slopes. Or, close, anyway. I’ll be in the lodge, drinking hot chocolate.